21 May
Red Dress

White heels, red dress,
Press the gas so we can go fast.
Curly hair flying in the air,
With you nothing can compare.

White heels, red dress,
Everyone staring, but we don’t care.
Gazing at each other, we stand tall,
Together forever, through it all.

Hug me tighter, hold me close,
In your arms, we’re so close.
In your presence, I have no fear,
With you near, It all becomes oh so clear.

Red dress, you cast a bewitching spell,
You look like the devil from hell.
Unzip my dress, let me lay on your chest,
In your rhythm, my heart finds a seat.

Let me whisper in your ear,
secrets to keep, words so sweet in the quiet deep.
In your arms, dreams softly creep,
Together we sail, through nights so deep.

Promises made, under the moon’s bright light,
In your arms, everything feels right.
Together we roam, through the endless nights,
With love's whisper, we steal the nights.

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