My name is Hana.  I am a Bukharian Jew, born in Israel and raised in Colorado. I am a full-time single mom of 3 beautiful kids. My children mean the world to me and I'm so blessed to have them.

After years in the medical field, I have made a major career change. I am currently a preschool morah. I absolutely adore kids. They are my passion.

I express myself through writing, music, poems, art and pictures. I love photography. So much meaning behind every capture. Every song expresses an emotion and when I write I feel free. Over these last few years, I have connected with Hashem more spiritually and with my Emunah.

My goal for this blog is to unite people all over the world to never loose their Emunah(faith)
In this blog I will also talk about how I started connecting spiritually to Hashem again. I'm not a professional blogger by all means but this will be my personal page for my thoughts and experiences.
So with all this being said and done.

Welcome to my page!
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