01 May
Dream Big, Little One

In the quiet of the night, my precious little one,
Dream big, my darling girl, beneath the moonlit sun.

Rest your head upon my chest, let your worries free
Hold your blanket close, feel the warmth, just you and me.

In the rocking chair, together we drift.
A story of a mother's love, a bond so real.

Dream big, my little angel, a gift from above,
Sent by Hashem, a symbol of endless love.

You brought me affection, a touch so divine,
Tenderness and joy, in every hug you shine.

Hugs and cuddles, so gentle and so sweet,
Moments we cherish, our hearts in rhythm beat.

I'm grateful you are mine, a treasure so divine,
A daughter's love, a mother's greatest sign.

Grow, my sweetest one, like a flower in the sun,
Embrace each day with laughter, let your dreams be one.

For in your eyes, I see a world so bright,
For you are the future filled with promise, bathed in golden light.

Dream big, my little one, let your spirit roar,
I'll be here to guide you, forever and even more.

As you journey through life, may joy you find
My sweet little angel have Emunah for life.

My precious golden Zahava, forever, you are all mine.

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