29 Apr
The Burning Candle

When I light your candle, a glow so divine,

Goosebumps dance on my skin, a sensation, so fine.

It's Friday, a day of magic and grace,

A day with family, in our sacred space.

No phones intrude, just our world, pure and true,

A canvas a creation made by Hashem.

Books open wide, like portals to another dimension,

We walk to the temple, steps echoing in time,

Learning in  a sacred space.

Witnessing our people, in the spirit.

Shabbat a sanctuary of peace.

Candles flicker, casting shadows on the wall,

As prayers ascend, like whispers in the hall.

A melody of togetherness, hearts in sync,

In this sacred moment, the world seems to shrink.

The rhythm of tradition, a song that we sing,

Generations are entwined, in the joy that it brings.

Shabbat, a symphony of love and connection,

A sanctuary where hearts find sweet reflection.

In the glow of the candle, 

We gather, we cherish, as family and friends meet.

Friday is a blessing to hold,

Shabbat shows its beauty and here it unfolds.

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