27 May
Hug Me

Hug me so I can be in your presence,
Hug me so I can be touched by you.
Hug me so tight that when I do,
My brain goes silent, and the world shuts down too.

All I need is you by my side,
Don’t you know you'll always be mine.
Hold me in your arms, play with my hair,
Whisper in my ear, promise you'll be there.

Hug me so tight where I feel safe from all harm,
In your arms is the only place I belong.
Your hugs bring me peace,
With you I stay in this paradise.

Wrap me in your warmth, shield me from my fears,
Your embrace wipes away all my tears.
In the quiet of the night, under the moon's soft glow,
With you by my side, my love continues to grow.

Each hug a promise, each whisper a vow,
Together we'll face whatever life allows.
In your arms I find my home,
 In your presence, I am never alone.

Hug me so tight that time stands still,
All the chaos and noise you kill.
In your arms, I feel so alive,
With you, my love, I always strive.

Hold me close through the storm and the rain,
In your arms, there's no fear there’s no pain.
Your love is my anchor, so steady and true,
 Forever and always, I'll belong to you.

So hug me tight, never let go,
In your arms, my heartbeats grows.
With each hug my soul finds peace,
In your love, all worries will cease.

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