27 May
Alone Was Never The Plan

Doing this alone was never part of my plan, but here I am,
raising you three by my hand.
You push my buttons, you make me break,
You make me question every mistake.  

I love to watch you all grow,
Right before my eyes.
Time flies and memories I keep by,
I watch you grow with love so deep.

Am I doing this right? Is what’s on my mind,
A mother’s failure, fears in mind, Emunah I have to find.
A lifetime of worries to see you succeed,
To make sure you don’t follow the paths I’ve seen.

May hashem always guide you, my three,
Even when I am not near.
Guard your souls, and have no fear,
In this world, so much to learn.

Protect yourselves, for I won't always be here,
But my love will forever be near.
I'll give you all the love that I can,
Help you grow, and hold your hand.

Alone was never part of the plan,
But here we are, us four, making a stand.
Together, we face what life has in store,
Here we are, us four, forever and even more.

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