23 Aug
Thank You Mama And Papa

Have you ever taken the time to thank your parents just because?

From the time we are born, they support us in all the ways they can. They make sacrifices and offer love that cannot be found anywhere else. Not every home is perfect and some may be broken but that's okay too.

Many people forget to show appreciation to their parents, we simply take everything for granted. Many parents take their roles seriously and they do so expecting nothing in return. However, when you take the time to just appreciate what they have done for you their heart will be filled with joy.

My parent's love is limitless, appreciate the parents you have. Do whatever you can to put a smile on their face and make them feel that all their hard work has paid off. 

This is for my parents..

 I thank them more than words can even describe. For helping me grow, getting me back on my feet when I feel like a failure, supporting me with their words and constantly pushing me to never give up and to never look back and keep moving forward.

Thank you mom and dad for the love you have given. Today I look at my life and realize that I achieved great things because of your prayers, because you never lost your Emunah in me. I have seen the importance of having parents who believed in me before I even believed in myself. You are the reason I fight for my kids and strive to be an amazing mom. You are the reason the Buharian culture lives in me. You are the reason I have made everything happen, from graduating high school and college, and to having a house. You helped me because Hashem knew exactly what I needed. 

Your words are forever engraved in my heart. Today we may be far away from you but it’s the thought of your love and support that keeps me going when the times become tough. Thank you for allowing me to trust you.

Cheers to the greatest parents on earth. To a mom who would do anything to ensure I was comfortable and to a dad who did everything to provide the best he could, I will forever cherish you. I am proud to call you my parents. 

Thank you for teaching me so I can teach my kids. Thank you Hashem for my amazing parents.


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