16 Nov
Path to happiness

Happiness often comes from within. We have to focus on ourselves and what we have. Set  goals and strive for them. We’re all different people, we can't be the same. Hashem has different plans for all of us.The more we focus on our self the happier we are, and the fewer problems we have. We create our own problems in our own heads with our thoughts. The Yetzer Hara specializes in us. Whatever we lack he shows us. If one can't get pregnant we see pregnant women everywhere, if you're single you see couples, if you're heavy you see skinner girls and you start comparing. The Yetzer Hara is custom-made for you. We have to stay in our own lane and focus and what we do have. We don't know what challenges others are facing. Each and every one of us face obstacles in life. When we compare we despair. When we are jealous we are lacking Emunah and we lose our happiness. If you want to be happy you have to put the work in. Nothing is free.  It took me a tremendous amount of work to find happiness, to fix myself to become a better version of myself.  

Hashem faces us with challenges but it's never bigger than us. If we believe that the challenge is bigger than us that is when we start to panic. Depression kicks in and anxiety takes over. If we put all our Emunah into Hashem's hands we can channel our fear and make it into a learning experience. Whatever doesn't challenge us doesn't change us.  

People want to be around people who are happy. No one wants to be around someone who is always desperate and negative. When we treat people better, we feel better and we become more conscious of our environment. Spiritual growth is part of the process of happiness.  

Hashem puts us all through different tests just like he put Abraham through ten tests. Hashem does this to make us grow spiritually, connect to him, and put all our Emunah in Hashem's hands.

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