18 Apr
Stop the World and See

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Often we never do. We’re so busy with work, motherhood, and school. Name it, we all have something. When was the last time you thanked Hashem, the last time you counted your blessings?

Often, we don’t see the world around us because we’re daydreaming too much, thinking too much, or zoning out. We’re in another world but far away from ours. When really we need to be here, in this world. In the presence. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees that, but not seeing can get us into trouble. Not seeing, steals our time.  Some of us see more than others. But most of us live in a safe place and only see what we must or what we want. Find the time. Make time because it's not coming back. 

Invite yourself, take the invitation, and see the world. See what Hashem created for us. Just imagine what it would be like for everything to seem new like you have never seen it before. Change your perspective on life.  Look at the moon, look at the stars, the shape of the clouds, the mountain tops, the blooming roses. You name it. Experience what you see!

 Take that adventure and go on a hike. See that clear beautiful sky, the mountain top view, the colorful fall leaves swishing back and forth on the tree branches, and the fresh air you are breathing. Take that second to see. See what Hashem has to offer and appreciate it. This could be your quality time with god and connecting. Esbodedut! Share your thoughts, emotions, and concerns, and get them off your chest. 

Don't be afraid!

  • Stop the world and hear breeze
  • Stop the world and listen to those waves
  • Stop the world and smell that rose
  • Stop the world and capture that perfect photo. 

Stop the world and count your blessings and thank Hashem. Thank you for the infinite times that you have helped me, supported me, rescued me, encouraged me, cured me, guarded over me, and made me happy. Thank you for every little thing that I have, for everything comes from you and only you.  Thank you for always listening to my prayers. Thank you for always being with me. 

Find your Emunah!

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