25 Jun
Redirect Worry Into Prayer

Worries, doubts, and anxiety are a normal part of life. It’s natural to worry about a court date coming up, going on a first date, or even starting a new job. We worry every day about “what if” and we get anxious thoughts in our heads, which start to interfere with our daily life. Constant worrying can take a toll on your emotional and physical health. It can leave you feeling restless, insomnia, body tension, loss of appetite and so many health problems. 

It’s tough to be productive in daily activities when anxiety and worry are dominating our thoughts. So what can we do to help? 

Well, here’s some good news. Hashem gave us a tool we can use every day against our anxiety and the answer is  PRAYER. We can overcome worry through prayer.

I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. It just came naturally. Divorce and a family only brought more responsibility, and therefore more things to worry about. As one who is prone to worry, I learned to redirect my energy into praying and talking with Hashem. 

Prayer can be a helpful tool for managing anxiety and finding peace in times of worry. It allows us to connect and find comfort in the belief that there is a plan ahead. By reminding ourselves of our Emunah and trusting Hashem we are acknowledging we are not alone in our struggles. 

Thank Hashem for what he has done and pray for what it is you need. Begin your prayer by expressing your worries, fears, and concerns. Share your thoughts and emotions openly, knowing that you are being heard. Through prayer ask for guidance, strength, and clarity. Through prayer, we can find strength, hope, and clarity. Remind yourself Hashem loves you. Trust that he is aware of your concerns and he will provide you with what you need. Let go of the need to control the outcome and have Emunah.

So..the next time you are tempted to worry, try redirecting all that energy into prayer and don’t lose your Emunah.  

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