21 Mar
No expectation, No disappointment

Everyone has expectations in their lives. Whether it's from yourself, family, your partner, or even friends. But we have to learn how not to get hurt by our expectations. Now, this does not mean lowering your standards or accepting your life as it is. It doesn’t mean giving up on your goals, and dreams, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we stop growing and learning.

When we embrace the true no expectations, no disappointments meaning, we begin to live fully in the present. We stop fighting the things that are not in our control and focus on what we can control. We put our Emunah into Hashem and control what we can. Our emotions and actions.  When our expectations are set so high we become so invested that when it doesn't happen it brings us sadness, frustration, and suffering into our lives. 

Pain in life comes when our reality doesn’t match our expectations. Most of us expect to have achieved certain milestones by a certain age.  We expect to have a good career, get married, have kids, and even buy a house. We even expect other people to be kind and respectful towards one another. When in reality that's not always the case. We take the blame for our disappointment.

From a spiritual standpoint, if we accept the way things are and accept that Hashem is truly by our side teaching us and guiding us in the right path walking step by step beside him, we recognize that the only person we can control is ourselves, a life of no expectations and no disappointments will follow. HOPE BUT NEVER EXPECT! 

Your turn…

 What do you need to stop expecting from others?

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