08 Oct
My Reality Check In Israel

What a crazy day it was yesterday. Never did I anticipate that I would be ending my vacation in the midst of a war in Israel. Waking up at 6:30 in the morning to the horrifying sound of sirens was a cruel reality check. Locked up in a bomb shelter, my heart raced, I prayed for the safety of my loved ones and for the chance to return home safely.

My phone buzzing with messages from concerned friends and family, all asking the same question: "Are you okay?" Physically, I'm safe, but emotionally, I'm far from okay. My nerves have officially taken over, and all I could do is put my faith in Hashem.
Our flights are canceled, leaving us stranded in a foreign land with no clear timeline for our return. 

Over the past year I've dreamt of making Israel my permanent home, a place where I could raise my children with tradition all around us however, experiencing this for the second time in my life has left me questioning whether I was truly prepared for the challenges that come with living here. The image of rockets in the sky, above us and the fear of my children's face imprinted in my memory forever. Tanks patrolling the streets, this was not the life I had envisioned for myself or my family. For citizens who call this home the sight and sound of rockets, alarms, explosions, and fires unfortunately became a part of their daily lives. 

Despite the fear and uncertainty that surrounded me, I find prayer. I stand with Israel, pouring my heart out to Hashem, asking for protection for our home and our people.
As I navigate through this unexpected chapter in my life, I am left with mixed emotions.

My love for the beauty and history of this land is undeniable, but the harsh reality of its conflicts and uncertainties has given me pause. For now and always I stand with Israel in prayer and hope for a brighter and more peaceful future.


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