08 May
Listen To Your Gut

Yesterday was a day that began with uncertainty and ended with clarity.  I woke up, tears filled my eyes, and a sense of emptiness weighed heavy on my heart. I found myself standing, unsure of which path to take. The decision I had to make, the doubt and hesitation running in my mind for weeks. I was driving myself insane. 

Throughout the day, I was thrown with messages by words of encouragement and guidance. Yet, despite these signs, I remained torn but, as the day went on I kept praying over and over in my head, talking to Hashem and asking him to please not leave my side. With each passing moment, I felt a sense of peace as if a rock had been lifted from my heart. It was as though Hashem himself was reassuring me that everything would be alright. 

This morning, as I went about my routine I couldn't help but remember the feeling of yesterday and compare it to today. I realized that the key was not all the messages I was receiving but it was also the quiet whisper of my intuition. The voice of my gut. Despite the battle between my head and my heart, it was my gut feeling that ultimately guided me toward clarity and resolution with Hashem's help. 

Over the years, I've come to understand that listening to your gut is often far more challenging than following the desires of your heart. While the heart may lead us down paths influenced by desires, attachments, or past experiences, the gut feeling operates on a deeper level. Trusting your gut requires you to tune into yourself.

As I reflect on this journey, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to grow, not only spiritually but also emotionally. I am reminded that sometimes, the hardest choices we make are also the ones that lead us to our greatest blessings.

So, to anyone who may find themselves standing at crossroads and uncertain about which road to take listen to yourself. Trust in the whispers of your gut, for they are often the voice of Hashem speaking directly to your soul. 


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