31 Jan
Leave A Little Bit Of Sparkle Wherever You Go

Being a single mom is undoubtedly one of the most challenging roles anyone can take on. The juggling act of managing a job, children's school schedules, health appointments, clean clothes, homework, after-school activities,  playing the role of a taxi driver, dinner, not to mention have time for yourself and boy can the list go on. It can often feel overwhelming. All this while ensuring your children are cared for and loved.

Single parenthood is a journey that demands constant adaptation and resilience. As a mom of three kids, I understand the struggle of trying to maintain a balance between work and home, all while providing the best for my little ones. There are days when my exhaustion takes over, and the never ending to-do list seems impossible. While my older kids are capable of cleaning up after themselves to a certain extent the size of our home BH is a big responsibility and makes it challenging to keep everything in order. Our life can be beautifully chaotic. 

Aside from the chaos we live in I consider myself fortunate to have found an incredible and I mean incredibly amazing house cleaner. Over the past six years, she has not only become an essential part of our household but also a trusted friend. Her presence has been a constant source of support and relief, turning my overwhelming days into manageable ones. Her commitment to her work and the genuine care she extends to my family has left an indelible mark on our lives. As our house gets cleaned she leaves a spark of warmth, kindness, and faith in our hearts. Her presence is a constant reminder that challenges are meant for us,  there is good around us, and there are good people who genuinely care about us. 

Our house cleaner is more than just someone who helps with household chores. She is a remarkable woman with a heart full of love and Emunah. Throughout the years, she has witnessed my children grow, supported me through the transition from wife to single mom, and consistently praised my journey. Her firm faith in God brings a radiant light to her face, and it's truly beautiful to witness.

From other people's perspectives, it looks easy to juggle and balance everything on your own but the reality is it gets unbearably tough, but the support and kindness of people like our house cleaner make the journey more manageable. As we continue to live our journey I am forever grateful for the blessing that this amazing woman has brought into our lives.


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