13 Oct
Finding Faith In Challenging Times

In the midst of the unexpected journey of our lives, we find ourselves facing situations that test our patience, resilience, and faith. As I sit here in Israel, dealing with canceled flight, closed parks, and a world under threats and violence, I've chosen to embrace these challenges with a heart full of positivity and faith.

My family and I had come to Israel for a visit, expecting to return home much sooner than our current circumstances. The sudden change of plans was met with a mix of emotions, but I've learned to lean on "our plan vs Hashem's plan." Our trust in a higher purpose has given us the strength to keep moving forward.

As Israel fights we find ourselves in a position of witnessing a nation under attack. Despite the horror we maintain our Emunah. The belief that everything happens for a reason. I have reminded myself daily over and over again that I am blessed regardless of the situation. I am still alive, I am with my loved ones, safe under a roof, and I’m blessed to be able to work remotely with the support from friends and family around the world.

The weather in Israel is turning chilly, and I am not fully prepared. My determination to remain positive and have faith continues to guide us. This is a time to reflect on our purpose, to understand life's unexpected twists and opportunities for growth. This is the time to make change in ourselves. This is why we are here in this world. To work on US. My circle of friends and family in Israel and beyond have chosen a new path for themselves and their families. Many have taken on new mitzvahs, embracing their Jewish faith in deeper ways. Friends have started covering their hair, girls have adopted tzniut clothing, and some have even committed to observing Shabbat. 

Taking on a new mitzvah is a significant step in deepening your connection to your faith and spiritual journey. It's a personal commitment that reflects your dedication and determination to grow as a person and strengthen your relationship with Hashem. With everything happening I also took a new Mitzvah upon myself. Every year I tell myself I’ll get to it but now, today, is the day. May we all find strength and guidance on our path, and may we succeed with the help of Hashem. Each step we take is a meaningful one, and with Emunah and determination we can do it.  

Keeping our faith and trying to stay as positive as we can, my family and I recently decided to take a stroll down memory lane. We watched old videos, reliving the cherished moments from the past. Laughter filled the room as we watched wedding videos, home videos and bringing joy to the house. As we seek laughter in our homes, the world outside continues to change. The images we see and the stories we hear are heartbreaking and challenging to process. The suffering of innocent children, men and women, elders and our soldiers is a wound that aches deep within our hearts.

Times are indeed changing. In moments like this I am reminded of the importance of strength, compassion, and prayer. We must pray from our hearts for our Jewish nation, and stand strong.

I pray for a safe return home for my family and I, for the soldiers all around the world who came to fight the battle with Israel. I  pray for a world that finds healing and peace in these troubled times. As I sit here in Israel, facing uncertainty with my loved ones by my side, I hold on to the power of Emunah. 

Shabbat Shalomעם ישראל חי!Emunah 

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