19 Dec
Everlasting Love

Divorce is a journey and yet, it has the power to reshape our lives in ways we never imagined. Recently, I found myself standing at the crossroads of endings and new beginnings, as my divorce became not just a legal matter but also by halaha. I found myself with a sensce of releif and pain. In the quiet moments of soul searching, I've discovered a longing for companionship and a desire for a life partner to share my future.

My days are now dedicated to prayers, a humble plea to Hashem for the blessing of a long-lasting partnership. A journey where two souls can intertwine, learn, laugh, and face the world together. The thought of dating, however, has become more complex,  given the role of being a mother to three wonderful children, and sharing my life.

The shadows of trauma follow me urging me to walk carefully, considering not just my own heart but the hearts of my little ones. Time is a precious thing, and I can no longer afford to waste it. 

As I contemplate reentering the world of companionship, my vision is painted with understanding, support, and growth. I seek a partner who is more than a romantic,  but a confident man who comprehends the depth of my experiences without passing judgment. The dream is to find someone capable, someone willing to share the responsibility of guiding my children toward a future filled with promise. A relationship built on shared laughter, a love that stands resilient in the face of life's uncertainties. A companion who appreciates the beauty of being wild and free, someone who encourages self-expression and exploration. Judgment-free zone. 

The journey ahead is one of self-discovery and renewal. For now, I focus on healing, and on creating a stable environment for us to thrive. The path may have twists and turns, but with each step, I am crafting a future where love, laughter, and shared dreams can once again take place.

In the painting on my life, my story continues, a story of resilience, hope, and continuing in a strong and steady way, belief that Hashem has a plan, guiding me toward a future where love will find its way into my heart once more.


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