29 Dec
Emunah & Bitachon

For many of us life can seem overwhelming when we are faced with challenges.  Emunah is the key to living here on earth. The term Emunah is faith. When you hold onto Emunah you are close to Hashem and you don't worry about anything because you know that everything is for your own good. Emunah is knowing that Hashem puts you in a certain situation because he knows you can pass obstacles given. 

What happens when we don't have Emunah? We fall into sadness, and depression, blame ourselves, loose self-esteem, and anxiety rushes in.  This is a lack of Emunah. Hashem loves us despite everything. If we don't believe that Hashem loves us then we are dreading the creator. Emunah is not only when everything is good but also when everything is dark. You have to know that Hashem is right there with you. 

Bitachon on the other hand is different. Bitachon in Trust. Trust in Hashem is not something that happens overnight. Such a formula does not exist. It's an ongoing process and we have to reach that level.  Bitachon is relying on Hashem, trusting Hashem. We are depending on him to watch over us and protect us. A person can have Emunah and not Bitachon. We can know that Hashem runs the world, but not necessarily trust in Him. We as humans have a natural tendency to trust people. If we don’t trust in Hashem, we will certainly put our trust in the wrong person. 

Bitachon is always something I have struggled with. All of our faith is taught in our Torah but, our Bitachon is built. Bitachon can be found in a state of total depression. Sometimes the worst time is really the best time.  Emunah and the Bitachon are the tools for Jewish life in this world.  

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