28 Dec
Embracing The Joy Of Teaching

A career change can be a scary decision. Always having the feeling of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. In my case, transitioning from a hospital job to the life of teaching was a leap of faith that became one of the best choices I've ever made. The shift from a 7:30A.M-5:30P.M hospital schedule to becoming a teacher transformed my life in ways I had never imagined. 

In the hospital setting, my schedule was always changing, late nights were a common occurrence. The constant worry about who would take my kids to school and pick them up weighed heavily on my mind. As a teacher, my daily routine now revolves around my children's schedules. I have the privilege of taking them to school, being present in their lives, and picking them up after work. I get to have meaningful conversations with my children during our car rides. Gone are the days of rushing through traffic and missing out on the details of their day. Now, we share stories, discuss their experiences, and bond over the ups and downs of life. These moments have become valuable memories, creating a stronger connection between us.

My wardrobe has become my life, not stuck in scrubs all day. Trying on colors and new styles. The classroom has become my canvas, and I get creative with my students. I get to create my own sensory games, color with each student, using all types of glitter, painting, and crafting projects. Everything I love to do. 

Teaching is not a one-way street. It's a reciprocal learning experience. While I give knowledge to my students, they teach me valuable lessons every day. Patience, understanding individual needs, and adapting to various learning styles. It's a continuous journey of personal and professional growth.

Life itself has been such an incredible journey. Hashem has played a huge role in every path I have taken. 


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