21 Nov
A Journey Of Commitment

In our daily life routine it's not often that we take a step back to reflect on the changes we've made and the impact they've had on our lives.  Over the past few weeks, I've stepped on a new journey that has not only brought positive changes in my life but has also deepened my connection with a Hashem.  A simple yet profound commitment.

The latest addition to my daily routine is the commitment to waking up 30 minutes earlier than my usual schedule.  I dedicated myself to connecting with my Creator through prayer. In these quiet moments before the world awakens, as my children sleep peacefully and the house remains soundless, I find comfort in the early morning hours. This sacred time has become my safe space where I can pour my heart out to Hashem in prayer. 

This new commitment involves more than just waking up early. It's a decision to start my day with Hashem. I daven to Hashem for all the blessings in my life and express gratitude not just for what I have but also for what I don't. I pray for my future, my kids, parents, anything that sits heavy on my mind and heart. It's my time of reflection on my personal growth and an opportunity to keep growing and thank Hashem for the path I am on.

Since I have made this commitment for the last two weeks, I've noticed a remarkable shift in my life. The days seem to flow more smoothly, I am more positive, relaxed, and unexpected miracles unfold before me. It's as if the universe is responding to the positive energy I'm putting out into the world.

Through prayer, reflection, and gratitude, I am not only getting ready for the day but, I am building my relationship with Hashem and myself.

As I strive on my new goal, I am grateful for the positive changes that have developed in my life. Each sunrise becomes a renewal. A reminder that with kavana and connection, we can transform not only our mornings but our entire lives. This journey has taught me that appreciating and acknowledging our connection with Hashem, we are unlocking the door to strength, peace, endless blessings, spiritual growth, and Bitachon in our creator!


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